Why not?

The clubs programme is such that people develop at their own pace in a supportive and easy-going environment.

It is structured to provide advice on how to improve one’s skills in public speaking from the earliest stage through to advanced performances.

Visitors can either plunge straight in or just observe proceedings.

If your reasons for joining are semi-social, you are welcome.

If you wish to pursue the structured programme, whether for the purpose of improving  communication skills or developing professionally, your education starts with a 10-step programme.


Your speaking development begins with a 10-step programme that ends with you delivering your masterpiece speech.

Each of the 10 steps has an assignment in which you will prepare and deliver a speech. Each speech is designed to improve a particular aspect of speaking.Beginning with speech construction and culminating in the tenth assignment when you demonstrate that your confidence and practical skills of speaking have been developed sufficiently for you to be able to deliver a “masterpiece”.

Your masterpiece speech incorporates all your new skills from the programme.

At this time, you will be comfortable speaking in public and be outstanding.

Developing your speaking skills does not stop there. As you continue to be a member of the club, you can go onto advanced assignments. The advanced assignments give a further range of opportunities.

You will be comfortable to give speeches in public long before you finish this programme.


This is impromptu speaking. It is an area many dread. How would you feel when asked to speak without prior preparation and rehearsal?

Our topic sessions help a great deal in this respect. At most meetings there is a topics session where a few members are asked to speak for 2-3 minutes on a given subject.

As your confidence grows in the supportive atmosphere of the club, you will be happy to take on this exciting challenge.

With your participation in the topics sessions, you will have the confidence to accept this sort of challenge anywhere.


This is a most valuable part of the club’s programme. After every speech or topic, you are evaluated on your performance. A typical evaluation covers your strong points and will give you some guidance in areas that could be improved.

Your might think this sounds daunting, but nothing could be further from the truth. Effective and positive evaluation delivered in a helpful, non-threatening environment raises the performance of the individual speakers and the standard of our club.


The ASC provides a comprehensive manual that covers all your educational development while you are a member. This will take you from novice or wherever you are, to accomplished and then to advanced levels of ability.

This manual costs £11.00 and will be available to you when you join the club.