Cost & Timescale


The Annual Membership is £30 from September 2012. Then £3.00 per meeting and £11.00 for a manual.

There are usually about 19 meetings in a year.

For newcomers or visitors, your first meeting is free!

After that, you can pay £3.00 per meeting and at the third meeting we ask that you pay the membership fee.


The ASC programme is made up of 10 assignments. The timescale for completing all the 10 assignments varies with your desire, schedule, and the size of the club. You will generally be able to complete your masterpiece speech within two years. However, if you prefer a slower pace, there is no pressure to complete the programme.

This timescale can sound a bit long for someone with a specific goal. The interesting thing is that you do not have to complete the programme before you speak in public. Within 8-12 meetings, you will be able to prepare and deliver confidently speeches in public.

However, it is worthy to note that the long timescale is a powerful feature of ASC clubs. Just as with swimming or anything else, it takes time and proactive to take in new skills, get them burned into your belief system and become a confident speaker.

The ASC’s Season

At Horsham Speakers Club, we start our year in September and go on until June. And we meet every 2nd and last Tuesday of the month.

The best time to join us now. You start your own programme, and you alone dictate the speed of your development.

The club meetings are exciting as there are many members at different levels within the educational programme. This makes every meeting even more interesting and allows newer members and visitors to get a glimpse of what is to come.